• You have a big dream or goal that you are so ready for, but it feels like you want it so bad you're actually pushing it away

  • You want to trust and allow the universe support you but in the meantime things are not happening fast enough and you get doubtful or worried

  • You try to let go and you end up losing structure and consistency

If any of this sounds familiar then you should join our next free workshop!

There is a SWEET SPOT where desire meets surrender, where doing becomes being, where you ask and receive.

Creation happens in the perfect balance of pursuit and trust, at the point of wholeness of spirit and body, conscious and subconscious, masculine and feminine.

This is the Sweet Spot.
What if you could live in the sweet spot and experience life as a flow of creativity?

When you are too fluid there is no form for energy to come into and materialise.

When you are too mechanic there is no space for spirit to flow.

By wanting you are feeling separate from your dream, and it can only come when you accept it as yours.

This is a thin line.. isn't it?

I know it can be frustrating.

I used to be stuck on the brink of success only to fall back and flat.

I would push so hard and give all I got so I can get to my goal, until I've burnt out and couldn't do no more.

It felt like there was no way out - either push or give up.

Until I've found the sweet spot and learned how to master my ability to stay there and keep the perfect balance of declaring and receiving, wanting and having.

When you combine a few simple keys and build a proven model of understanding and practice, you too can become the master of your mind and live in your sweet spot.

It is my greatest passion to share these keys with as many people as possible, and I am so grateful to have played a part in so many transformations of the countless of people we help.

And now, I am so excited to share this with YOU!

Join me on June 5-9 on a FREE 5 days workshop and learn how to find + stay in the Sweet Spot, so you can bring your desire into life easily and gracefully.



"Shimrit's energy is unreal. For the first time I have a business mentor who understands without judgement, and I feel NOW I can achieve the rest of my goals effortlessly. I am excited about my future again. Thank you Shimrit

very grateful to you"


“The best thing I ever did was to click Shimrit's ad. I wish I can help others the way Shimrit has helped me change my life. She implements a lot more different tools than any other coach I've come across. ”


"I recommend Shimrit as a coach. She loves connecting with people and is gifted to make people connect with the community. She also knows her material very well and the sessions are always lead with the heart. I really enjoyed my time with her in the program she offers."


Shimrit Native

Success & Freedom Mentor,

CEO and founder of Master Your Path

Shimrit Nativ is a Mentor, transformational & success coach and mindset expert who has helped hundreds of driven and creative individuals across the globe create and sustain a consistent baseline of confidence, success and fulfilment.

Accredited and certified ICF professional coach, Proctor Gallagher Consultant & Executive Contributor on Brainz Magazine.

Shimrit is a successful entrepreneur who built a 6-figure business in less than a year and made multiple pivots in her career as a musician, teacher, coach, mentor, manager, leader and mother.


"Shimrit is a fantastic mentor and coach and someone I would highly recommend working with.. she is a lovely lady who balances gentle kindness with action and knowledge. She will encourage you do reach your goals with skill, system and mindset! Thank you Shimrit for your support and wisdom"


"Shimrit is a very unique coach and a wonderful human being. She cares deeply about people and has a rare ability to help her clients become a better version of themselves. If you feel like you're not everything that you could be right now, I highly recommend working with Shimrit because she can help you figure out what is holding you back and devise a plan for making things better.”


"Shimrit is a very down to earth and fascinating soul. She will inspire you to look deep inside yourself to help you be a better person, all around. She has demonstrated a passion for her ability to transform people to become better versions of themselves, letting go of bad mental habits. Her team is very professional with a variety of skillsets that will offer you a vast amount of support and mentorship."

You can be, do and have anything you want, and it's never too late, or too soon, to go after your dreams and create the life you want.

In my 42 years I've had several "lives" and fulfilled all my dreams and visions, and will forever continue on his journey of growth and evolution - and I wish the same for you!

I've lived out in nature for 4 years, chopping wood for fire, with no roof or facilities.

I've had a successful musical career for over 20 years, teaching, composing, recording and performing.

I've healed pre-cancerous lesions in my cervix through spiritual and inner-child work.

I've started a business in my late 30's with no business experience and reached 6-figures in less than a year, helping dozens heal physically and emotionally, overcome anxiety and depression and create massive success in their professional and personal life.

One of the most meaningful turning points was in my second year in business, when working too hard to reach my goals led me to a complete burn-out.

This drove me to pause and focus on my health and balance. Searching for the right resource to help me I've reached my late mentor Bob Proctor, one the greatest experts of our time in human potential and success, who helped millions create financial freedom and transform their lives in many marvelous ways.

Working with Bob and his team, I re-started my business and multiplied my results rapidly. I also started helping other business owners build and scale online and have since been continually expanding my company, impact and vision and I am so very grateful for it all.

We are spiritual beings, in a physical body with a powerful mind.

Wellbeing and prosperity are skills you can practice and master.

Remember who you are and devote yourself to this purpose, for the greatest good of all.

To your highest wellbeing,

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